The Fly Trap



  • 11w Uv lamp that attracts insects to a sticky card
  • Indoor Use Only
  • Eliminating the need for harmful sprays


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The Fly Trap with UV light and sticky pad is a cutting-edge solution for pest control in both general and hydroponic environments. Designed to effectively combat flying insects, this innovative device combines advanced technology with ease of use.

Equipped with a powerful UV light, the Fly Trap attracts flying pests, luring them towards its adhesive pad. The UV light emits wavelengths specifically targeted to attract a wide range of insects, ensuring maximum effectiveness. Once attracted, pests are securely trapped on the sticky pad, preventing them from causing further nuisance or damage.

Ideal for use in both traditional and hydroponic setups, this Fly Trap offers versatility and reliability. With dimensions of 20cm x 15cm x 5cm and weighing only 0.5kg, it’s compact and lightweight, making it easy to install and move as needed. The sleek design seamlessly blends into any environment, providing discreet pest control without compromising aesthetics.

Say goodbye to bothersome flying insects with the Fly Trap with UV light and sticky pad. Whether you’re cultivating plants indoors or maintaining a pest-free environment, this innovative solution ensures efficient and hassle-free pest management, allowing you to focus on what matters most – achieving optimal growth and productivity.

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