Green Cleaner 118ml



  • Pest and Mite Drench
  • Powdery Mildew Treatment
  • No suiting up to spray


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Green Cleaner is an all-natural pesticide and powerful that will kill every mite you can spray it on. Green Cleaner kills spider mites, broad mites, russet mites, aphids, thrips, and whiteflies as well as their eggs on contact. Green Cleaner will also wash powdery mildew right off the plant.

Green Cleaner kills soft body insects, their larvae & eggs, powdery mildew, mould, and fungus on contact without using harmful chemicals.
Thoroughly saturate your infested plants with Green Cleaner to kill many types of insects and diseases on contact.

Green Cleaner’s unique formula does not stress the plant out and will not damage flowers, vegetables, or fruits as long as it is applied under proper lighting conditions.

Green Cleaner is natural and is safe for use around people, pets, soil, and food. With proper application, our product can be used up to within a few weeks from harvest. Do not spray late flowering plants in their last couple weeks.

Say goodbye to pests and hello to healthier, more vibrant plants with Green Cleaner. This concentrated formula ensures maximum effectiveness with minimal application, saving you time and money in the long run.
Simply dilute with water according to the provided instructions and apply as needed.

Shake Green Clean REALLY WELL before measuring and again after adding to water! Shake every few minutes while spraying.

o Safe for food and medicinal plants
o Prevention and treatment of spider mites
o Clean ingredients and Biodegradable
o Wash powdery mildew right off the plant
o Safe for use around people, pets, soil, and food

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