Insect Sticky Trap 1Pk



  • Made of biodegradable materials
  • For early detection and monitoring
  • 10cm x 25cm yellow sticky trap


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Insect Sticky Trap is a revolutionary solution designed specifically for hydroponic systems to effectively combat unwanted pests without harmful chemicals. This innovative trap utilizes a non-toxic adhesive surface to capture and immobilize insects, safeguarding your hydroponic crops from potential damage and contamination.

Sticky Trap is suitable for use indoors and outdoors, however they may deteriorate somewhat if they are left exposed to overhead irrigation for an extended period.

Placing or hanging traps every 2m or at the end of each row offers ample coverage to target a wide range of flying pests and fungus gnats commonly found in hydroponic environments. Weighing a mere 0.2kg, they are lightweight and easy to install, ensuring hassle-free integration into your cultivation setup.

This trap is a must-have tool for any hydroponic enthusiast seeking an eco-friendly and efficient solution for pest management.

Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with harmful chemicals and embrace the power of the Insect Sticky Trap to maintain a healthy and thriving hydroponic garden.

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