600W HPS Lamp



  • 600W HPS Lamp
  • Full Spectrum HPS
  • E40 Screw in Fitting


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600W HPS Lamp is an entry-level 600W Full Spectrum HPS Lamp designed for use with a 600W Digital Ballast and represents great value for money.

Featuring advanced high-pressure sodium (HPS) technology, this lamp emits intense light rich in red and orange wavelengths, essential for promoting flowering and fruiting.

Technical Specifications:
Power: 600 watts 240V
Lamp Type: High-Pressure Sodium (HPS)
Spectrum: Tailored for full spectrum growth and flower stages
Wavelengths: Rich in red and orange for flowering and fruiting
Efficiency: Maximises photon delivery for optimal plant growth
Compatibility: Ideal for 600W Ballasts

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