315W UV CMH 10K Finishing Lamp



  • CMH UV Finishing Lamp
  • Should only be used in the final flowering weeks
  • Flowers smell better, fruit tastes superior

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315W UV CMH 10K Finishing Lamp has the unique 10k technology which uses optimised amounts of UV-A and UV-B to heavily increase essential oil and resin production.

315W UV CMH 10K Finishing Lamp has a colour temperature of 10,000 Kelvin and it provides the ideal light spectrum for the flowering and fruiting stages, ensuring robust growth and abundant yields.

315W UV CMH 10K Finishing Lamps emit intense ultraviolet light energy specifically catering to the final stages of plant growth and supplemental UV-A and UV-B light radiation energy has been scientifically proven to increase flavonoid levels (Tevini et al, 1991).

315W CMH lamps operate best when used with 315W CMH Ballasts and fixtures and CMH lamps require the use of a lamp shield to account for the additional UV light output from a CMH lamp and ensures safe working and growing conditions.

315W 10K Finishing Lamp is only used for the last 2 weeks out of every cycle and they will last many years and be exceptionally good value for you and your garden!

Ceramic metal halide (CMH) technology is built with a ceramic composite, and has more similar gases like a Metal Halide lamp as this lamp emits a balanced spectrum closely resembling natural sunlight, promoting vigorous growth and maximising yields.

Technical Specifications:
o Power: 315 watts
o Lamp Type: Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH)
o Spectrum: 10,000K UV-spectrum
o Usage: 10K lamps should only be used in the last 2-3 weeks of flower
o Efficiency: Reduces Heat output and energy consumption
o Compatibility: For use with 315W CMH Ballasts and PGZX18 fitting
o Design: Engineered Ceramic Arc Tube
o Double-Jacketed glass for safety
o Lamp Life: 20,000 hrs recommended with 90% maintenance at 10,000hr

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