Deep Bowl Reflector 740mm



  • Deep Round 740mm Bowl
  • Captures and directs light downwards
  • Requires Lamp Holder – Reflector Only

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Deep Bowl Reflector is designed to achieve the best and most effective performance available to control light distribution in your hydroponic system.

Deep Bowl Reflector features a deep, curved shape that effectively captures and directs light downwards, minimising wasted energy and ensuring uniform coverage across your hydroponic garden.

Deep Bowl Reflector is coupled with 90° Round Earth Pin Lamp Holder (SOLD SEPARATELY) and is connected with a Round Earth Pin Connection lead, fitted to a bracket with a 90-degree mounting piece.

o Deep Round 740mm Bowl
o Captures and directs light downwards
o Minimises wasted energy for uniform coverage
o 90° Round Earth Pin Lamp Holder Required

*90° Round Earth Pin Lamp Holder NOT INCLUDED*

12 months with proof of purchase if the defect is due to the state of materials and workmanship. After the repair of your product, the warranty will not be prolonged.

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