Run Off Tray 15 inch



  • Effectively captures runoff water
  • Won’t warp or deteriorate over time
  • The answer for managing excess water

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Run Off Tray provides the answer for managing excess water and is designed to fit snugly beneath your potted plants. Run Off Tray offers unparalleled durability and functionality as it effectively captures runoff water, preventing mess and potential damage to your floors or surfaces.

Whether you’re cultivating lush indoor gardens, tending to outdoor planters, or maintaining a hydroponic system, this tray ensures efficient water management with minimal effort.

With a width of 15 inches (approximately 38 centimetres), this tray provides ample space for multiple pots, allowing you to streamline your watering routine. Its versatile design makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, from small-scale home gardening to large hydroponic installations.

Constructed to withstand the rigours of constant use, the Run Off Tray 15 inch boasts a sturdy build that won’t warp or deteriorate over time. Its smooth surface is easy to clean, ensuring hassle-free maintenance for busy gardeners.

Say goodbye to water spills and hello to a cleaner, more organised growing environment with the Run Off Tray 15 inch.
Upgrade your gardening setup today and experience the convenience and reliability you deserve.

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