MIRON Glass Jar 1L



  • Miron Violet Glass
  • Miron Wide-neck Jar | 1L
  • Protect your products from harmful light


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MIRON Glass Jar made from Violet Glass is a pinnacle of preservation and elegance with seriously scientific storage designed to maintain the freshness, potency, and quality of its contents like no other.

What sets the MIRON Glass Jar apart is its unique composition – made from high-quality deep violet glass, it acts as a natural filter to protect your products from harmful light energy, allowing only beneficial light to penetrate while blocking harmful rays.
This preserves the contents, freshness and potency for longer periods, ensuring that your products stay as potent and vibrant as the day they were sealed.

Seal in the goodness with the airtight lid, keeping moisture and contaminants at bay and with its sleek design and spacious 1-litre capacity, this jar is perfect for storing a variety of items, from herbs and spices to teas and coffee beans.

MIRON Glass Jar 1L is your trusted companion in maintaining the integrity of your prized possessions as more and more producers of high-quality natural products discover that the advantages of MIRON violet glass containers, so whether you’re a culinary enthusiast, herbalist, or simply someone who appreciates quality storage solutions, the MIRON Glass Jar 1L is a must-have addition to your home.

o Air-proof and moisture proof
o Seal in the goodness with the airtight lid
o Measuring 20cm in height and 10cm in diameter
o Made from high-quality deep violet glass
o Resealable to retain smell and taste inside for multiple consumption

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