Hi-Flow 145cm Tent Support Pole 2pk



  • Prevents tent sucking in under negative pressure
  • Easily added to most indoor grow tents
  • Simple click and connect operation

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Hi-Flow Support Pole 145cm Kit can easily be added to most indoor grow tents and it’s a simple click and connect operation.

Hi-Flow Support Poles can either be installed on the sides to prevent the tent walls from sucking in when high flow fans are in use or installed on the roof as extra light or fan supports.

Hi-Flow Support Poles kit comes with two poles and two clips.

The 145cm Kit is suitable for the following Smart Tents;
1.45m x 0.8m
1.45m x 1.45m
2.90m x 1.45m
2.90m x 2.90m
5.80m x 2.90m

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