The Green Pad GRAND DADDY 2Pk



  • Green Pad GRAND DADDY CO2 Release 2 Pack 
  • Controlled increased levels of carbon dioxide
  • Hang – Spray – Walk Away

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Green Pad CO2 packs are an innovative product designed to increase levels of carbon dioxide in your indoor garden and propagation domes and will absorb your gardens humidity to power its CO2 generating reactions.

Green Pad uses a unique natural combination of carbons and acids that react to humidity to begin a measured release of CO2 and when kept dry in their original packaging, will last well over a year making it suitable for use in various hydroponic systems, whether large-scale commercial setups or small home gardens.

Green Pad GRAND DADDY CO2 is most effective in an area of 800 cubic feet with a simple activation process that requires no electricity or additional equipment, making it an eco-friendly and hassle-free option. Layered with natural carbons and acids it simply hangs inside your grow room, tent or garden and absorbs the rooms humidity (35%+) to power its reactions, releasing carbon dioxide.

Green Pad activation is further accelerated by periodic water misting and each Green Pad GRAND DADDY pad lasts about 2 weeks, peaking at the end of the first week with a new Green Pad rotated in fortnightly.

To maintain higher concentration PPM adding multiple Green Pads will certainly increase your PPM too and you may add or subtract as many of The Green Pads as you need for your specific area.

o Controlled increased levels of carbon dioxide
o Easy to install by hanging the bag inside your grow space
o Layered with natural carbons and acids
o Each Green Pad lasts about 2 weeks

Green Pad CO2 packs are not covered by warranty and are Non-Refundable but if you are not entirely happy please let us know!

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