Hang Ups Light Hanger 2pk



  • Mojo Cow Hang-Ups 2pk
  • Adjustable Light Hangers
  • Can hold up to 40kg

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Hang Ups are designed to securely suspend your grow lights and allow for easy height adjustment, accommodating the changing needs of your plants throughout their growth cycle.

Hang Ups Light Hanger 2pk seamlessly integrates into any hydroponic environment, offering a space-saving solution that is easy to use and practical.
With all metal construction and a simple push and glide action, these hangers streamline your light height adjustment process so no more cumbersome setups and tangled wires with Hang Ups Light Hanger 2pk.

o Simple Push and Glide Adjusting Action
o Each Hang Up Holds up to 20Kg
o Each Hang Up includes 2 x Steel cables
o All Metal Construction
o 2 Metres Long
o Large button and finger disk design for easy adjustment

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