Pot Sox 20L 3pk


  • Pot Sox drastically improves drainage
  • Mesh base & ultra convenient draw string around the top
  • No mess or stress


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Pot Sox are a high-quality, breathable fabric pot insert that facilitates superior aeration allowing roots to thrive and flourish and drastically improves drainage.

Pot Sox are placed in your grow pot with the mesh medium barrier (Pot Grid) at the base and then filled with any quality grow medium that could include Living Soils, Coco coir, or clay-balls. This is no problem for Pot Sox as the side walls are reinforced for toughness and made from a light weight fabric to hold all your grow medium in place.

Pot Sox drastically improves drainage thanks to its mesh base and has a super strong and ultra-convenient draw string around the top that makes for super easy cleaning.
When the harvest is complete, to clean your Pot Sox – Just pull the draw string tight and remove the Pot Sox, along with all of the used grow medium and dispose of both and start growing around again.

o Includes: 3 individual Pot Sox
o Capacity: 20L
o Colour: Black

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