Gummy Tray 8ml Square – Magical Butter



  • Each tray makes you 15 pieces
  • 100% food-grade silicone
  • Flavoured gummies, hard candy and treats


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Gummy Tray 8ml Square by Magical Butter Gummy Trays are your ultimate companion for crafting delicious and precisely dosed gummy treats at home including hard candies, flavoured gummies, chewable tablets, chocolates, and even pet treats!

Each circle mould is made from food-grade BPA free silicone which ensures easy demolding and clean-up and comes with the Magical 21UP logo engraving, which helps make it easier to recognise for adult consumption.

Each Gummy Tray 8ml Square has a capacity of 8ml per cavity which makes you 15 pieces per tray. Magical Gummy Tray 8ml Squares (2 included) come with a snap on lid to transform your silicone shell into a storage container and seals in freshness.

Elevate your edible creations and indulge in sweet delights that are made with love, precision, and a touch of magic with Magical Gummy Trays that are FDA and LFGB approved.

You’re in control of what goes into your treats, ensuring a healthier and more delicious snack experience with the Magical Gummy Tray 8ml Squares by Magical Butter.

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