• Boosts branching – growth and flower stacking
  • Aloe, Kelp / algal Yucca and Soapnut extract
  • Solution for plant health, vitality and immunity

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GREEN SUPREME is a potent plant tonic that contains a range of completely natural ingredients that combine to enhance natural plant biochemical processes offering an all in one solution to increase plant health, vitality and immunity.

Including a diverse range of naturally derived plant phytohormones, unique enzymes, and immunity-boosting substances like salicylic acid, which work together to strengthen plants, improve their resistance, and revitalise weakened or damaged ones.

GREEN SUPREME assists in nutrient uptake through Fulvic and Amino acids and with a high potency Aloe extract, plus – GREEN SUPREME also boosts branching though growth and flower stacking which results from broad spectrum Kelp and algal extracts.

The versatility of GREEN SUPREME allows for multiple applications including root drench, foliar spray, and seed germination, so this flexibility ensures that plants can be supported through different stages of growth, from seedling to maturity, enhancing overall plant health, growth, and yield.

GREEN SUPREME is your plants daily green smoothie!

o Boosts branching – growth and flower stacking
o High potency Aloe, Kelp / algal Yucca and Soapnut extract
o All in one solution to increase plant health, vitality and immunity

Foliar use:
1 gram (approximately 1/4 flat teaspoon) per 2ltrs water during the vegetative stage, as a minimum once per week, up to 3 times weekly, will provide powerful results.

Root Drench:
5 grams (approximately 1 heaped teaspoon) per 10ltrs water once per week.

Seed Soak:
2 grams per 500ml water for up to 24 hours before planting in a quality growing media or your preferred germination method.
For added effects, apply alongside ANTI-MATTER, but reduce the rate to 1g per 500ml water along with the same amount of ANTI-MATTER.

Welcome to High Powered Organics, where our story is ever-growing, rooted in the belief that the best growth comes from blending the wisdom of the past with the innovations of the future. Join us in our journey, and let’s cultivate a greener world together.

High Powered Organics is nestled within the heart of New South Wales’ Mid North Coast, a region affectionately dubbed the “Green Triangle,” with an evolving vision dedicated to the art and science of growth—both of plants and of ourselves.

HPO Promise on Craftsmanship and Care
Each batch of our product is a a labour of love, hand-mixed, bagged, and packed with the utmost care. As a family-run business, this hands-on approach allows us to infuse every product with the passion and quality that define High Powered Organics. It’s not just about what we make; it’s about making a difference, one garden at a time.

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