Flower Boost Organic 5L



  • Approved certified organic liquid flower enhancer
  • Perfect ratios of PK to boost flower development
  • Maximum fruit quality, harvest size, more oils & yields

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Professor’s Flower Boost Organic Nutrient is a meticulously formulated premium organic nutrient blend that is designed to enhance plant growth, improve flowering, and maximise yields, all while maintaining the integrity of your soil’s ecosystem.

Professor’s Flower Boost is a 100% premium organic concentrated PK flower enhancer that is rich in essential macro and micronutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, ensuring that your plants receive the balanced diet they need for robust growth and vibrant blooms.
What sets Professor’s Flower Boost apart is its organic composition, free from synthetic additives and harmful chemicals, promoting healthier plants and safer cultivation practices.

Scientifically formulated to initiate early flowering and node development, Professor’s Flower Boost Organic provides plants with the perfect ratio of PK to produce a large, high quality yield.
Whether you are cultivating flowering or fruiting plants, Professor’s Flower Boost Organic will give your plants the exact PK ratio they need to release their full potential.

o Approved certified organic liquid flower enhancer
o Boosts early blooms and bigger yields
o Activates flowering enzyme production
o Provides perfect ratios of P and K to boost flower development
o Faster flower growth and bud onset
o Larger heavier blooms of a higher quality
o Maximum fruit quality, bud, harvest size & yields
o Excellent brix builder
o Aids in energy transfer and storage of carbohydrates
o High quality, Australian made nutrients

Use 2-4ml Flower Boost Organic per 1L of water

Important: Organics have a lower pH, so use an organic pH adjuster.

Professor’s Nutrients are a leading manufacturer of Australian made nutrients and the premium nutrient range has been created with three main goals in mind:
Professor’s Nutrients:
1- Guarantee powerful results
2- Are of utmost premium quality
3- Are simple and straight forward to use

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