Drying Rack Square



  • A great way to dry herbs
  • Add as many layers as required
  • Each layer measures 71cm x 71cm x 14cm


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Drying Rack Square offers a convenient platform to air dry your herbs, fruits, vegetables, or hydroponic harvests with ease. Its compact size makes it ideal for use in small spaces, such as balconies, patios, or indoor grow rooms.

Drying Rack Square is a great way to dry herbs with each layer measuring 71cm x 71cm x 14cm and the innovative mesh design allows for optimal airflow, ensuring efficient drying while maintaining the freshness and quality of your harvest.

Drying Rack Square is stackable allowing you to add as many layers as required by simply slotting a new layer on top as it features a sturdy square frame that provides ample space for your produce to dry evenly.

The Drying Rack unit is a lightweight construction that makes it easy to move and transport as needed, fits comfortably in a grow tent, and can be assembled and unassembled quickly and effortlessly for storage.

Say goodbye to overcrowded countertops and makeshift drying solutions – the Drying Rack Square is here to streamline your drying process and elevate your gardening experience to new heights.

Technical Specifications:
o Height: 14cm per layer
o Width : 71cm
o Tiering: Unlimited Tiers Detachable
o Design: Square Drying Net
o Material: Durable mesh

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