Grotek Final Flush 1L Pina Colada



  • Knocks salts away from plant roots
  • Removes excess salt to ensure a cleaner tasting harvest
  • Infuses a Pineapple Fruity Taste into your flowers


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Final Flush Pina Colada has been specially crafted with the exotic essence of tropical Pina Colada so this flushing agent not only ensures a thorough cleanse but also leaves behind a refreshing aroma that invigorates your growing space and infuses with your plant to influence a Pineapple flavour after harvest.

Final Flush is an advanced formula that works swiftly to rid your plants of excess salts, heavy metals, and other unwanted substances that may hinder flavour, aroma, and overall quality.

Grotek Final Flush ensures your crops reach their full potential by flushing out any residual nutrients and impurities, leaving behind only the purest essence of your plants.
Formulated with a balanced blend of organic compounds and essential nutrients, it not only cleanses your plants but also provides vital nourishment during the critical flushing phase. This unique combination ensures that your plants remain healthy and vibrant, even as they undergo the flushing process.

Grotek Final Flush leads in its versatility and ease of use and is suitable for hydroponic, coco coir and soil-based cultivation systems to simplify the flushing process while delivering exceptional results.

Final Flush is meticulously formulated to purge your plants of any excess nutrients, ensuring a flawless finish to your growing cycle so whether you’re a seasoned cultivator or a novice gardener, Final Flush simplifies the flushing process, making it easier than ever to achieve a pristine, pure harvest.

o Clear and easy-to-follow feed specifications
o Infused with exotic essence of tropical Pina Colada
o Formulated to purge your plants of any excess nutrients
o Rids your plants of excess salts and heavy metals
o Suitable for hydroponic, coco coir and soil

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