COUP HPSX Transition Glasses



  • HPSX Transition Grow Room Glasses
  • Method Seven features Italian made frames
  • Sunglasses by day, Grow glasses by light


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Method Seven COUP HPSx Grow Room Glasses allow you to experience balanced colour, comfort, and protection as the lenses darken fully within three minutes of exposure to direct sunlight.

COUP HPSx Glasses are premium eyewear and being Italian-made, the Coup saunters from the grow room to the city street without batting an eye.

HPSx lens is a proprietary polymer blend that transitions from signature blue HPS colour-balancing technology to dark grey/blue when exposed to direct sunlight.
The lenses darken fully within three minutes of exposure to direct sunlight though, transition varies based on conditions and UV levels.

Method Seven COUP HPSx features concealed flex hinges for a custom fit that doesn’t sacrifice style, the frame is comfortable and flexible as it’s made with TR90: an incredibly durable and lightweight thermoplastic material.
Produced with Swiss technology, TR90 allows the Coup to bend under pressure and contour your face.

Method Seven COUP HPSx Grow Room Glasses provide 100% UV protection and filter out harmful wavelengths of light emitted by HPS lamps, safeguarding eyes from potential damage and reducing eye strain during extended periods of cultivation.

Indoors or Outdoors COUP HPSx will provide unparalleled protection and clarity for all growers so you are ready – wherever the day takes you.

Method Seven COUP HPSx Grow Room Glasses come complete with a lens cleaning drawstring bag.

o Lenses Transition to your environment
o Signature blue HPS colour-balancing technology
o Durable polymer lenses offer 100% UV protection
o Complete with a lens cleaning drawstring bag

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