Budget Propagation Tray with Holes



  • Dimensions 53cm x 27cm
  • For Cuttings & Clones
  • Dome Lid and Base tray also available


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Budget Propagation Tray with holes is designed to provide the optimal environment for germination and early growth of plants as it will drain excess water from seedlings and cuttings.

Propagation Tray with Holes fits into the Propagation Tray Solid and groups and keeps seedlings well drained, is durable for use over and over again and is easy to use and maintain.

o Budget Propagation Tray with Holes
o Tray Dimensions 53cm x 27cm
o Propagation Tray – With Holes

Propagation Kit Also available and includes Budget Propagation Dome Lid and Budget Propagation Tray Solid.

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