Neoprene Collars 24pk



  • To secure cuttings in aeroponic propagation systems
  • Designed to hold your clones or plants secure
  • Universal food grade inserts 24pk

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Neoprene Collars inserts are professional food grade collars and are designed to hold your clones or plants in a secure fashion.
Neoprene Collars have been manufactured from high-quality neoprene material, ensuring resilience against water, chemicals, and wear. With a snug fit, these collars securely hold your plants in place, providing stability throughout their growth cycle.
Neoprene Collars 24-pack offers ample supply for your hydroponic setup, enabling you to expand your cultivation efforts with ease.

o For securing cuttings in any aeroponic propagation system
o Designed to hold your clones or plants secure
o Universal food grade inserts
o 24 handy pack

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