Avert Foil Fresh Bag 460g



  • Resealable to retain smell and taste
  • Viewing window for product inspection
  • Air proof / moisture proof


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Avert fresh foil bags take the classic zip-lock bag to the next level, providing the safest, most hygienic and smell-proof resealable bag for preserving your herbs and spices with unmatched freshness and convenience.

Thanks to their mylar aluminium construction, this innovative storage bag is designed to keep your contents potent and flavourful for longer periods, odours are locked in and your herbs are kept as fresh as the day you picked them.

Avert fresh foil bags not only provide a durable barrier against light, moisture, and oxygen but also ensures optimal preservation of aroma and potency and can be ironed shut for long-term storage with zero leaks when packaging products. The seal can be torn at a later date where the bag can continue to be used with its deluxe zip-lock feature.

Avert Foil Fresh Bag offers hassle-free access while maintaining airtight closure, effectively preventing any unwanted leakage or odour escape. Its sleek design makes it perfect for discreet storage, whether at home or on the go.

o Air-proof and moisture proof
o Equipped with a resealable zip-lock mechanism
o Measuring at 25cm in width and 35cm in height
o Mylar aluminium foil laminates prevent smell and taste from permeation
o Resealable to retain smell and taste inside for multiple consumption

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