Grove Bag 1 Ounce with Window



  • TerpLoc ® Grove Bags TerpLoc ® Difference 
  • TerpLoc ® creates a relative humidity level of 62%
  • Prevent mould, and enhance terpene profile

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The TerpLoc ® Difference – TerpLoc ® will preserve your product at its highest quality from cultivation to consumption.
All unwanted gasses & water vapour are actively diffused through the film elements, forming the ideal mould-free environment to maintain weight, consistency and potency.

TerpLoc ® Grove Bags have an array of added elements that make them world class. An industrial strength element is added for maximum puncture resistance and this high barrier element provides maximum odour protection. The Anti-Static element has been added to create a neutral charge down the sidewall of our packaging that prevents the package from stripping trichomes off of your flowers.
Oxygen works together with the oxygen layer to provide active humidity control. Low oxygen levels slow down the respiration process, then excess water vapor that has built up in the package’s head space is diffused through the packaging to prevent mould growth and create optimal humidity levels.

Finally, The TerpLoc ® Difference offers the UV element combined with the opacity of the packaging provides superior protection from harmful UV rays. Light breaks down organic material at a rapid rate and is among the main factors that causes THC to degrade to CBN.

o The TerpLoc ® Difference
o Odour Protection
o Humidity Control
o Mould Prevention
o Weight Retention
o Terpene Preservation

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