• HPS 600W Lamp
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CULTIV8 HPS 600W Lamp has been designed to illuminate your hydroponic haven and to maximise growth and yield in indoor gardening setups. Engineered with precision, this lamp offers unparalleled performance for hydroponic enthusiasts seeking optimal results.

Crafted specifically for hydroponic environments, the CULTIV8 HPS 600W Lamp delivers a spectrum tailored to the needs of plants at various growth and flower stages. With a power output of 600 watts, it ensures vigorous growth and abundant flowering, empowering your plants to reach their full potential.

Featuring advanced high-pressure sodium (HPS) technology, this lamp emits intense light rich in red and orange wavelengths, essential for promoting flowering and fruiting.
Its efficient design guarantees maximum photon delivery to your plants, fostering lush foliage and bountiful harvests.

Technical Specifications:
o Power: 600 Watts 240V
o Lamp Type: High-Pressure Sodium (HPS)
o Spectrum: Tailored for full spectrum growth and flower stages
o Wavelengths: Rich in red and orange for flowering and fruiting
o Efficiency: Maximises photon delivery for optimal plant growth
o Compatibility: Ideal for 600W Ballasts

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