Rio 14 Powerhead Pump



  • Rio 14HF High Flow Rate 3660L/hr 
  • Max Head Height 3.0m and fully submersible
  • Rare-Earth Magnet and Vortex Rotor Blade

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Rio HyperFlow pumps offer the ultimate water circulation solution for maintaining a healthy environment and have a carefully crafted ceramic shaft with ceramic bearings featuring a vortex rotor blade which generates a high flow rate while using less energy.
Using rare earth magnet technology packs power into a compact and streamlined design making it easy to install and operate.

Rio pumps are constructed from high-impact plastic for long lasting durability, are fully submersible and the shaft with ceramic bushings offers strength and resistance to corrosion, while the low heat emission and energy efficient design keep energy costs low.

Using Neopower magnetic vortex rotor blade technology, it features high flow rates, low heat output and is designed to be energy efficient delivering maximum performance at an affordable price.

The Rio HyperFlow Range is fully submersible and can be used for a variety of applications whether you need to circulate water in a pond, aquarium or in your hydroponic system this pump is up to the task.

o Reliable with easy installation
o Vortex Rotor Blade for a high flow rate
o Rare-Earth Magnet makes it powerful and efficient
o Streamlined and quiet operation
o Ceramic Shaft with Ceramic Bearing
o Low Heat emission
o Fully submersible

Technical Specifications:
Model: Rio 14HF
Max Head Height: 3.0m
Max Flow Rate: 3660L/hr

12 Months from the date of purchase with proof of purchase if the defect is due to the state of materials and workmanship. After the repair of your product, the warranty will not be prolonged.

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