Pine Lab 5×5 Grow Tent



  • External Gear board included for electrical mounting
  • Irrigation ports with watertight duct seals
  • Military grade oxford cloth for super tough exterior

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Pine Lab Grow Tents are a premium cultivation space solution that includes a stack of innovative features like; practical duct outlets, unique drainage solutions, window light safety filters, cable grommets and inbuilt external gear board that make this grow tent awesome value and an amazing investment for all growers.

Pine Labs are manufactured using a military grade oxford cloth for a super tough exterior allowing the heavy-duty cloth exterior to keep the internal climate of the tent stable and controlled.
Internally, Pine Lab grow tents have a unique white anti-bacterial technology film interior that provides greater than 95% reflectivity and absorbs heat while maximising light distribution and enhancing photosynthesis.

Pine Lab Grow Tents also feature double-stitched venting ports in intelligible sites to accommodate all sized ducting with ease, and can also be used as a protected flower and herb drying environment. With an enhanced 2.13m height as a standard, Pine Lab Grow Tents are ideal for DE (Double-Ended) and HPS lamps, LED fixtures and CMH lighting fixtures.

Pine Lab Grow Tents have been created for use by new and experienced gardeners alike and even better – Pine Lab Grow Tents are easy to assemble, requiring no specialised tools.

Width: 150cm
Depth: 150cm
Height: 213cm

Unique white anti-bacterial technology film interior with >95% reflectivity
Unique drainage ports for irrigation with watertight duct seals
Window viewing safety lenses for HPS & CMH technology included
Negative Flow CFM Bars included
Hanging weight of tent structure >100kgs
External Gear-board included for mounting power board and ballasts etc
Double-stitched venting ports for all sized ducting
Pine Lab also includes door hooks plus hanging straps for fans and filters
Dual 700-micron bug-proof mesh lower vents for passive intake

90 days from Purchase on Zippers and
12 months on Tent against defects in materials and workmanship with proof of purchase if the defect is due to the state of materials and workmanship. After the repair of your product, the warranty will not be prolonged.

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