Gorilla Grow Tent | 4×8



  • 1.22m x 2.45m x 2.13m / 2.44m
  • Infra-Red blocking woven into the roof
  • Adjustable roof and Industrial strength zippers

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Gorilla Grow Tent is an original grow tent design has revolutionised the growing industry are the Tallest, Thickest, and Strongest grow tents ever created affording growers the best controlled indoor hydroponic or soil growing environment ever.

Gorilla Grow Tents are professionally designed grow tents with adjustable extension poles that allow you to increase the height of your grow tent, and are cleverly designed with an expert configuration that positions ducting ports where they should be and includes large EZ View windows that offer easy grow snapshots without compromising your environment.

Gorilla has been constructed using a solid metal interlocking frame that is up to 5x stronger than any competitor’s grow tent frame, with the thickest fabric and large double cinching ducting ports. Doorways offer ultimate 360 degree convenient access and the larger layouts provide frustration free manoeuvring.

Width: 122cm
Depth: 245cm
Height: 213cm height adjustable to 244cm

TALLEST –Increase tent height from 7′ to 8′ to 9′ or even 10′ tall
THICKEST – Huge thread density of 1680D up to 3 to 9x denser than others
STRONGEST – Gorilla Grow Room frame is so strong it can hold up to 300 lbs
SAFEST – Patent Pending IR blocking roof keeps surface temperatures cool
o No plastic anywhere
o Dense threading and tight seals help contain noise and odour
o Biggest zippers on the market
o Diamond reflection technology
o Double cinching ducting ports
o Tool pouch
o Bug resistant pre-filters
o Sturdy flood pool

90 days from Purchase on Zippers and
12 months on Tent against defects in materials and workmanship with proof of purchase if the defect is due to the state of materials and workmanship. After the repair of your product, the warranty will not be prolonged.

Gorilla Grow Tents will honour its 1-year warranty on craftsmanship but will be unable to incur fees associated with transit of repaired or replaced items above $70. Because of this, in many cases Gorilla Grow Tents will assist in seeking cost effective alternatives, such as utilising repair facilities that are closer to country of purchaser.
All shipping fees above $80 will be the responsibility of the customer.

Provided that all warranty requirements are met, Gorilla Grow Tent will make every effort to send a replacement system within 72 hours. However, extenuating circumstances may prevent 100% adherence to this policy. Damages occurring during product back orders, high volume periods, holidays, or for other reasons may take additional time to deliver.

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