Flower Netting 1000m ROLL



  • Flower Netting x 1200mm x 1000m ROLL
  • Supports plants with heavy fruits & flowers
  • Use Vertically or Horizontally


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Flower Netting mesh can be a great help to support the branches on a tree, as well as keeping plants inline. Flower Netting mesh can be stretched vertically and will enable the plant to develop so the plant can climb along the mesh, going in and out. By doing so, the plant develops upright and the weight is supported, giving a better qualitative and quantitative yield, and fast harvesting. The perfect passage of air and light guarantees the plant and fruit develop in the best way possible.

Flower Netting mesh is ideal to grow peas, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and all climbing vegetables.
Flower Netting mesh when stretched horizontally during flower growth will support the plant as it develops heavy weight from fruits and flowers.

Continue to horizontally lay Flower Netting mesh to create layers and further support if needed.

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