FloraMax Ca-Mg-Fe 1L



  • Ca-Mg-Fe prevents nutrient deficiency symptoms
  • For leaf yellowing or curl and stunted growth
  • Compatible with liquid or powdered bases

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FloraMax Ca-Mg-Fe has been formulated to combat or cure leaf yellowing, leaf curl, stunted growth, withered fruit-set and bud rot that develops through plants as nutrient deficiency symptoms.

FloraMax Ca-Mg-Fe is 100% compatible with all liquid or powdered base nutrients and contains alkaline-resistant compounds that cope with pH levels up to pH of 10. Many trace element species destabilise when hard or high pH waters are used or when nutrient solutions are subject to volatile changes in pH and EC.

SHOULD NOT be used with FloraMax VegaFlora A+B or ForaMax Veg-1 as these elements are already included and an excess will likely cause complications.

Designed for ease of use, FloraMax offer a comprehensive feed guide, allowing you to accurately dose your hydroponic system for maximum efficacy.

o Treats Calcium, Magnesium and Iron Deficiencies
o Compatible with liquid or powdered bases
o For leaf yellowing, leaf curl or stunted growth

Dosage: 1-2ml/L during veg and flower.

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