Fabric Air Pot 10L



  • 100mm Breathable fabric plant container 10L
  • Porous fabric allows air into the root zone
  • Drainage creates a healthy environment for roots

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Fabric Air Pots are a breathable fabric plant container that provide superior root zone aeration and optimal oxygenation of plant roots in order to prevent root circling and make it nearly impossible to over water.

The 5 and10 Litre fabric pots have a Velcro side opening that allows for easy removal of the plant for transplant, and for pot re-use.

Air Pruning
Fabric pots encourage horizontal and vertical roots, but unlike the case with conventional plastic pots, once the roots reach the wall of the fabric pot they are ‘air pruned’. The root effectively stops growing and will not grow round and round the inside of the pot (pot bound). The plants’ energy instead is focused on growing new feeder roots, creating a dense, healthy root system.

Root Zone Aeration
Fabric pots allow the movement of air from outside the pot, through the pot wall, and directly to the root zone. Oxygen is able to reach the root zone from all sides enabling roots to breathe and beneficial microbes to thrive. When in direct sunlight, heat is not absorbed by plastic or terracotta which heats the plants root ball, causing sweating and stress to the plant. Instead the breath-ability of the fabric effectively cools the root ball in the same way evaporative cooling cools a house.

Prevents Over Watering
Over watering is a major problem for all potted plants. Fabric pots allow free drainage through the bottom as well as the sides, making it nearly impossible to over water.

Great for Hydroponics
Fabric pots can be top watered, or used in a flood and drain (ebb & flow) system where nutrients can be absorbed through the pot on all sides.

Like traditional pots, fabric pots are very portable, and can be easily moved. Fabric pots come flat packed so you don’t have to juggle bundles of plastic pots.

o Diameter: 100mm
o Capacity: 10L
o Fabric thickness: 300 g/m2
o Colour: Black

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