EC 2.77 Calibration Solution



  • Used to calibrate your EC Pen
  • Precise calibration for your EC meter
  • Reliable and effective method for calibration

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EC Calibration Solution is a base standard solution that is used to calibrate your Electrical Conductivity (EC) meter. Electrical Conductivity (EC) calibration solution aids in the proper calibration of conductivity meters, enabling gardeners to measure nutrient levels accurately and adjust them accordingly for optimal plant growth.

EC stands for Electrical conductivity, which is it’s a measure of how well a material conducts electricity and is relevant to your hydroponic garden because hydroponic nutrients are made up primarily of mineral salts, which are a great conductor of electricity.

Regular calibration ensures accurate measurement of the nutrient strength in your gardening solution, which is essential for maintaining optimal plant growth conditions and as a result, it is essential to calibrate your EC (electrical conductivity) meter with Conductivity Calibration solution regularly.

It is not recommended to reuse the calibration solution after calibration, as it can become contaminated and unreliable for future calibrations. Always use a fresh amount of the solution each time you calibrate your EC meter to ensure accurate readings.

o Aids proper calibration of conductivity meters
o Offers precise calibration for your EC meter
o Reliable and effective method for calibrating your EC Pen

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