Ducting Clamp 200mm



  • Loosened or tightened with a regular screw driver
  • Stainless steel to prevent rust
  • Compatible with aluminium foil or semi rigid duct


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Ducting Clamp 200mm is ideal for a wide range of duct sizes, providing versatility and compatibility with different ducting configurations.

With a diameter of 200mm these clamps are loosened or tightened with a regular screw driver. Ducting Clamp is compatible with aluminium foil or semi rigid duct, so whether you’re installing ducts for heating, ventilation, or air conditioning,

Ducting Clamps offer a reliable solution for securing connections and preventing leaks.

Diameter: 200mm
Material: High-quality galvanized steel
Compatibility: Suitable for various 200mm Ducting ventilation systems

Upgrade your ducting installations with Ducting Clamps and experience unmatched reliability and performance.

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