Drying Net Small Hanging



  • Ready for use in a matter of seconds
  • Includes handy round bag
  • Air drying culinary herbs is one of the best ways

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Drying Net Small Hanging comes in a handy round bag, is ready for use in a matter of seconds and offers a compact solution for drying herbs, flowers, and other delicate plants.

With the 3 detachable and interlocking sections connected when set up, Drying Net Small Hanging stands 1.8m high and this provides ample space for your harvest while conserving valuable room and is a durable and a reliable addition to your gardening arsenal.

Air drying allows moisture to evaporate slowly and naturally, leaving the flavour-filled essential oils behind and the breathable mesh design promotes optimal airflow, preventing mould and mildew while preserving the freshness and potency of your crops.

Simply unzip and it springs out ready for use.

Technical Specifications:
o Height: 1.8m tall when set up
o Diameter: 75cm
o Tiering: 3 Tiers Detachable
o Design: Hanging Net
o Material: Durable mesh

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