CROP DUSTER Electrostatic Mist Generator



  • Electrostatic misting technology
  • Generous 450ml bottle capacity
  • Multiple settings for specific misting

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CROP-DUSTER™ Electrostatic Mist Generator, by High Powered Organics is the pinnacle of innovation in hydroponics cultivation technology and has been designed to revolutionise plant growth in indoor environments.
This cutting-edge mist generator employs electrostatic technology to deliver micron-sized droplets of nutrient-rich solution directly to your crops, ensuring optimal absorption and maximum yield.

With its advanced electrostatic charging system, the CROP-DUSTER™ ensures uniform coverage across every leaf surface, penetrating even the densest canopies with precision and efficiency. This results in improved nutrient uptake, enhanced growth rates, and ultimately, superior crop quality.

Equipped with a powerful 1500W motor, the CROP-DUSTER™ boasts an impressive misting capacity of up to 4 litres per hour, covering an area of up to 200 square meters with ease. Its durable construction and corrosion-resistant materials guarantee longevity and reliability, even in the most demanding hydroponic environments.

Technical Specifications:
o Electrostatic misting technology for enhanced nutrient absorption
o USBC rechargeable Lithium ION battery (includes charge cable)
o Built-in sterilisation UVC lights for room clean-down
o Generous 450ml bottle capacity
o Durable and corrosion-resistant construction
o Multiple mist settings, allowing you to adjust mist to your specific needs
o Included HPO Dialect user manual for ease of use
o Suitable for use with a wide range of hydroponic solutions

Transform your hydroponic setup with the CROP-DUSTER™ Electrostatic Mist Generator and experience unprecedented growth and yields like never before.

12 months against defects in materials and workmanship on the device
with proof of purchase if the defect is due to the state of materials and workmanship. After the repair of your product, the warranty will not be prolonged.

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