Autopot Smart Valve



  • Autopot Smart Valve is the heart of AutoPot
  • This unit controls the water level in a module
  • Allows total reduction of fluid level before refill

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Autopot Smart Valve is the heart of Autopot Systems and this all Australian unit controls the water level in a module (or your own tray) to give your plants the wet-dry cycle.

Autopot automatic watering utilises innovative technology to water your plants based on their individual needs, eliminating the guesswork and potential for over or under-watering.

Unlike a conventional ball cock type float valve, Autopot Smart Valve allows total reduction of the fluid level before it refills. When connected to a water supply (either pressure reduced mains, pressure pump or gravity tank) the Smart Valve opens to allow water to enter the bottom of the growing container to a set depth (approx. 35mm).
The Smart-valve then closes and will not permit further water to enter the container until all the original supply has been used up by the pot. This absorption is achieved by capillary action that naturally occurs in the growing medium.
Once the water has been absorbed to the extent that the film of water under the Smart-valve has gone, it then re-opens and another supply of water enters the growing container and wet-dry cycles are dictated by the pot’s own rate of consumption.

Combine the Autopot Smart Valve with a Smart-valve Box for easily locating the Smart-valve to your own growing tray.

Whether you’re cultivating a small indoor garden or embarking on a larger-scale hydroponic project, the Autopot Range is your trusted companion for achieving remarkable results with minimal effort.

12 months against defects in materials and workmanship with proof of purchase. After the repair of your product, the warranty will not be prolonged.

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