• 100% marine-derived, potent dry powder
  • Tailored formulations for each GROWTH stage
  • Safe for use on seedlings to mature plants

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AQUA MARINE GROW is a completely soluble organic fertiliser powder comprised of Fish Amino Acids, Crustacean Amino Acids, Natural Marine Mineral Deposits, Bio stimulants and Fish Bone Amino Acids for use in all substrates, soils and hydro systems.

AQUA MARINE GROW has an especially unique formula that supports strong and healthy vegetative growth and is safe for use on seedlings to mature plants with nutrition sources that are provided in forms that do not deplete plant BRIX levels – and in fact build them!

AQUA MARINE feeds plants directly as well as stimulates soil microbes into higher levels of activity, is totally soil safe and compatible with our entire range.

o Rapid Nutrient Delivery ensures that essential nutrients are immediately available to plants
o Marine-Derived Ingredients provide a unique nutrient profile not commonly found in land-based fertilisers
o Is a distinct formulation for different phases, from early vegetation to late bloom
o Amino acids derived from enzymatically digested fish, providing Nitrogen and growth factors
o A substance derived from fish skeletal remains and scales, yielding a biopeptide matrix with natural phosphorous
o Naturally occurring minerals, milled to a fine consistency, providing Potassium and bio stimulant substances

MAINTENANCE DOSAGE: (Low Tide): 1 Scoop / 4.5g per 10L
For more frequent feeding (multiple weekly dosages) and routine top ups, we recommend using the Maintenance dose.

MORE POWER DOSAGE: (High Tide): 2 Scoops / 9g per 10L
The MORE POWER DOSAGE can be employed for those times where you don’t want flippers – you want to strap an outboard motor to it! For plants you are really trying to “push”, or those that have suffered nutrient deficiencies we recommend this dosage. Apply 2 to 4 times a week (as dictated by your watering cycle) until improvement is shown, then you can back down to the Maintenance dose.

Welcome to High Powered Organics, where our story is ever-growing, rooted in the belief that the best growth comes from blending the wisdom of the past with the innovations of the future. Join us in our journey, and let’s cultivate a greener world together.

High Powered Organics is nestled within the heart of New South Wales’ Mid North Coast, a region affectionately dubbed the “Green Triangle,” with an evolving vision dedicated to the art and science of growth—both of plants and of ourselves.

HPO Promise on Craftsmanship and Care
Each batch of our product is a labour of love, hand-mixed, bagged, and packed with the utmost care. As a family-run business, this hands-on approach allows us to infuse every product with the passion and quality that define High Powered Organics. It’s not just about what we make; it’s about making a difference, one garden at a time.

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