Terpene Gold Organic 1L



  • Increases resin and stickiness in plants
  • Approved certified organic trichome enhancer
  • More gland sites with enhanced quality of oils

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Professor’s Terpene Gold is a natural, approved organic additive used during the flowering stage created to enhance terpene production and aromatic richness in your crops.

Terpene Gold made from 100% Organics is chemical free, providing medicinal benefits and aligning with a more holistic way of life, without compromising on quality or flavour and maximising resin production and enhancing the aroma, flavour and quality of the plant’s essential oils.

Professor’s Terpene Gold is free from harmful chemicals and genetically modified ingredients, ensuring that your crops remain pure and environmentally friendly.

o Approved certified trichome enhancer
o Increases resin and stickiness in plants
o Improves overall fruit and flower quality
o Increases essential oil production
o Stronger aromatic buds
o Deeper taste and higher potency
o Increased medical benefits
o Compatible with all nutrients
o Ideal for both indoor and outdoor crops
o High quality, Australian made nutrients

Use in conjunction with Professor’s Cloning Accelerator for maximum results.

Early Flower: Add 2ml of Terpene Gold per 1L of water
Mid to late Flower: Add 4ml of Terpene Gold per 1L of water

Professor’s Nutrients are a leading manufacturer of Australian made nutrients and the premium nutrient range has been created with three main goals in mind:
Professor’s Nutrients:
1- Guarantee powerful results
2- Are of utmost premium quality
3- Are simple and straight forward to use

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