• Combination of rhizo-bacteria & bio-stimulants
  • Enhance plant growth, vigour, and overall health


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RHIZO MOJO is a potent combination of rhizo-bacteria and bio-stimulants containing a range of unique bio-stimulants, phytonutrients, phytostimulatory metabolites with specific amino acids granting this powerful package the key to its ability to dramatically enhance plant growth, vigour, and overall health, making it one of the most effective plant growth enhancers available.

RHIZO MOJO allows these ingredients to work together to lift plant metabolic rates, causing a hyper exaggerated expression of desirable characteristics, enabling the garden to take full advantage of more accessible nutrient sources.
With the the unique ability to create monosilicic acid right in the soil, it can convert normally insoluble and slowly available silica sources into a form that is easily accessible to plants. This process is even more effective when used in conjunction with GREEN-SUPREME.

RHIZO MOJO’s standout features include its ability to dramatically up-regulate genetic expression and offer safe, frequent application. This innovative enhancer significantly amplifies plant characteristics like smell, taste, and colour, leading to a sensory-rich gardening experience.

RHIZO MOJO is designed as the ultimate companion to microbial formulas like ANTI-MATTER and DARK-MATTER as it has been crafted to amplify the effects of existing microbial formulations.
By enhancing the performance of microbial products like ANTI-MATTER and DARK-MATTER, it greatly improves the effectiveness of your grow medium, leading to a more vibrant and productive garden ecosystem.

o Potent mix of rhizobacterial and biostimulant elements
o Designed as the ultimate companion to microbial formula
o Stronger, faster-growing plants with heightened sensory qualities
o Contains unique biostimulants, phytonutrients, phytostimulatory metabolites

Macro Dose (God Level Flow State): Two Scoops / 10ml per 10L
Micro Dose (Heightened Awareness State): One Scoop / 5ml per 10L

Welcome to High Powered Organics, where our story is ever-growing, rooted in the belief that the best growth comes from blending the wisdom of the past with the innovations of the future. Join us in our journey, and let’s cultivate a greener world together.

High Powered Organics is nestled within the heart of New South Wales’ Mid North Coast, a region affectionately dubbed the “Green Triangle,” with an evolving vision dedicated to the art and science of growth—both of plants and of ourselves.

HPO Promise on Craftsmanship and Care
Each batch of our product is a labour of love, hand-mixed, bagged, and packed with the utmost care. As a family-run business, this hands-on approach allows us to infuse every product with the passion and quality that define High Powered Organics. It’s not just about what we make; it’s about making a difference, one garden at a time.

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