Propagation Lid Eazy Plug 64



  • Suits Eazy Plug 64 Propagation Tray
  • Heavy Duty Solid Perspex Lid 555mm x 355mm
  • Minimum Height: 110mm (at edges)

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Propagation Lid Eazy Plug 64 is designed to fit snugly onto standard Eazy Plug 64 propagation trays, creating a controlled environment that promotes rapid root development and uniform seedling growth.

Propagation Lid Eazy Plug 64 has a transparent design that allows for easy monitoring of seedling progress without disturbing delicate roots, while the adjustable vents enable precise control over humidity and airflow which are crucial factors for successful propagation.
Whether you’re cultivating herbs, vegetables, or flowers, trust in the Eazy Plug system to deliver consistent results and experience the ease and efficiency of propagation with this innovative lid – your gateway to thriving hydroponic gardening.

Eazy Plug system eliminates the need for messy soil, offering a clean and efficient solution for hydroponic setups.

Dimensions: 555mm x 355mm
Lid depth: 85mm
Minimum Height: 110mm (at edges).

Propagation Kit Also available and includes Heavy Duty Solid Tray
Dimensions: 555 x 355mm
Tray depth: 85mm

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