pH 4.0 Calibration Solution



  • pH level of 4.0 calibration solution
  • Precise pH readings with confidence
  • Maintains ideal pH levels for nutrient absorption

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Growth Technology pH 4.0 Calibration Solution is a solution of known and exact pH and acts as a Buffer or a Standard. If your pH meter doesn’t read pH 4 when the probe is put into the buffer solution – then the meter is wrong and needs calibrating.

Growth Technology pH and Calibration Solutions are manufactured to the highest standards and formulated using premium-grade materials.

When calibrating and testing your pH equipment ALWAYS start with the 7.0 (Buffer 7) Calibration Solution first and pour enough Growth Technology pH 7.0 Calibration Solution from the bottle to fully cover the glass end of the probe then – simply immerse your pH meter probe into the solution for quick and hassle-free test and calibration, saving you time and effort.

Repeat again to calibrate and test for pH 4.0 standard and discard the solutions when finished. Calibration solution should be used to check and calibrate equipment at least once a week, and checked with pH 4.0 Calibration Solution (Buffer 4) at least monthly.

Correct pH of hydroponic nutrient solutions is critical as mineral absorption is influenced through pH levels and if it is too far outside the range of pH 5.5 to pH 6.5 then plants have increasing difficulty absorbing minerals and mineral deficiencies can develop.

The pH should be checked when the nutrient solution is first made, and if used in a recirculating system, the pH should be checked every day.

o pH level of 4.0 calibration solution
o Precise pH readings with confidence
o Maintains ideal pH levels for nutrient absorption

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