OXY POT Kit Single DWC



  • Single 19L Oxy Pot
  • Includes Air Pump, Stone and Hose
  • Great Deep Water Culture Kit


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Oxypot Deep Water Culture (DWC) Kits include the air pump and air stone which oxygenates the pot, giving the roots constant access to water, nutrients and oxygen for exceptionally fast growth.
The included mesh pot hangs down into the misting chamber and into a constant stream of bubbles and an oxygen enriched environment.

Oxypot Kits are made of durable non-toxic plastic can be used individually or connected as a series and are fully suitable as an introduction to DWC cultivation for beginners and for the experienced grower.

Oxypot Deep Water Culture Kits have an opaque water drip fitting attached which allows for easy flush and visibility of your water level.
Plants under lights will take up water at a greater rate than they take up nutrient so checking your Electrical Conductivity and your pH levels will be crucial.

Each plant requires only 1 litre of clay pebbles (not included), so you don’t have to handle huge bags of media and leave the air pump on 24/7 as the plant’s roots need constant access to nutrient solution and oxygen.

How to Use:
Fill the DWC Oxypot tank with water until it reaches the required level.
Add nutrients to the manufacturer’s instructions or adjust as required.
Place your plants in the mesh pots, ensuring that the roots are hanging down into the misting chamber.
Switch on the air pump and leave it running 24 hours a day for optimal oxygen supply to the plant roots.
Monitor water and nutrient levels periodically and top-up as needed for optimal plant growth.

Oxypot Deep Water Culture Kit Includes:
1 x 19L Outer pot
1 x Lid including access cap
1 x Basket
1 x Swivel elbow assembly including blue pipe
1 x Round air stone
1 x Air pump including spare airline and spare mini air-stone
1 x 1.5m Airline tube

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