Orchid Focus 1L



  • Formulated to meet the needs of most orchids
  • Single Part Technology (SPT) Nutrient Feed
  • Clear and easy-to-follow feed specifications


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Orchard Focus by Growth Technology is a revolutionary Single Part Technology (SPT) Nutrient Feed specifically formulated for the exacting needs of most orchard varieties and it does not contain urea.

Orchard Focus is manufactured from the highest quality raw materials and is formulated entirely free from urea which has been shown to be toxic to certain orchids. With Nitrogen supplied in 100% Nitrogen form as well as the perfect balance of phosphorus, potassium, and essential micronutrients, ensuring that the Focus Range delivers a complete profile of all 12 essential minerals to plants, providing your prized orchards with all the elements they need for healthy growth and flowers.

GT Orchard Focus has been designed for use in soils and substrates and with all of the essential macro and micronutrients contained in a single bottle, the growth and development of your orchards will be exceptional.

o Clear and easy-to-follow feed specifications
o Single Part Technology (SPT) Nutrient Feed
o Complete profile of all 12 essential minerals
o GT is one of Australia’s most trusted hydroponic nutrient solutions

5ml per litre of water.
Use at each watering for optimum results.
Flush once a month with plain water to remove traces of mineral salts build up.

Once a month, give your orchid a dose of 8ml per litre of water for extra vibrancy and vigour.

Nitrate-Nitrogen 2.0
Phosphorus 0.5
Potassium 2.0
Calcium 1.8
Magnesium 0.3
Sulfur 0.2
Iron 0.06
Manganese 0.018
Boron 0.004
Zinc 0.004
Copper 0.003
Molybdenum 0.001

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