Optimum BLOOM A+B Set 5.5L



  • Formulated for flowering and fruiting stage of growth
  • Enhanced levels of phosphorous and potassium
  • Growth Technology nutrient products since 1986


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Optimum Bloom A+B Set is dedicated to the flowering and fruiting stage of plant growth and provides a balanced blend of essential macro and micronutrients crucial for the flowering and fruiting stages of your plants.
With optimised nutrient ratios, your plants will experience enhanced flower formation, increased fruit yield, and overall improved health.

Optimum Bloom A+B Set bloom formulation contains reduced levels of nitrogen and enhanced levels of phosphorous and potassium, the elements required for the initiation and development of buds and flowers.
This premium nutrient set is easy to use, simply mix the A and B components according to the provided feed specifications, ensuring proper dosing for optimal results.

Optimum Bloom A+B Set offers simplicity without compromising performance
and is one of Australia’s first and most trusted hydroponic nutrient solutions.

o Clear and easy-to-follow feed specifications
o Dedicated to the flowering and fruiting stage of plant growth
o Formulated with a balanced blend of macro and micronutrients
o Create the optimal environment for your plants to flourish
o Optimum is one of Australia’s most trusted hydroponic nutrient solutions

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