• Boost defences and enhance genetic expression
  • Sea Minerals with Kelp and Carbs
  • Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and trace minerals


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OCEAN POTION is a comprehensive organic booster, engineered with a blend of algal and kelp sources, offering a rich array of benefits for plant growth offering a unique solution to plants craving Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and a range of trace minerals.

OCEAN POTION is designed for use alongside our AQUA-MARINE organic feed to provide a complete – soluble – N.P.K & Trace mineral package that is easy to use and grows great plants. OCEAN POTION contains no Nitrates, Phosphates or other Salt based ingredients that can affect microbe populations and it includes bio-stimulants, cytokines, growth factors, and organic extracts – which collectively improve plant quality and quantity.

Rather than greening up plants through the use of Nitrates, OCEAN POTION provides the minerals plants want, along with holistic marine compounds that enhance the ability of plants to utilise them.

OCEAN POTION also increases natural resistance to pests and diseases by activating and modulating its natural immunity.

Totally soil safe!

Kelp-derived complex carbohydrates
Stimulates plants’ natural defences and enhances genetic expression
Naturally increases Jasmonic acid associated with higher resin output
Enriched Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and trace minerals

Maintenance Dose (Low Tide): 1 Scoop / 2.5g per 10L
More Power Dose (High Tide): 2 Scoops / 5g per 10L

OCEAN-POTION is for use with AQUA-MARINE grow & bloom formulas – but can be used standalone to correct nutrient deficiencies, boost plant health and quality.

Welcome to High Powered Organics, where our story is ever-growing, rooted in the belief that the best growth comes from blending the wisdom of the past with the innovations of the future. Join us in our journey, and let’s cultivate a greener world together.

High Powered Organics is nestled within the heart of New South Wales’ Mid North Coast, a region affectionately dubbed the “Green Triangle,” with an evolving vision dedicated to the art and science of growth—both of plants and of ourselves.

HPO Promise on Craftsmanship and Care
Each batch of our product is a labour of love, hand-mixed, bagged, and packed with the utmost care. As a family-run business, this hands-on approach allows us to infuse every product with the passion and quality that define High Powered Organics. It’s not just about what we make; it’s about making a difference, one garden at a time.

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