Mite Rid 45ml



  • Fully bio-degradable miticide
  • Protective barrier against mites
  • Will not affect the plants metabolism


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Mite Rid 45ml has been engineered with precision to safeguard your hydroponic setup combating mites in hydroponic systems by providing a barrier which is harmless to the plant, but fatal to the mites.

Spider mites destroy plant cells by sucking out their contents and Mite-Rid uses a unique formula of botanical oils, including neem, garlic, eucalyptus plus surfactants to provide a protective barrier against many leaf eating pests, and most effectively, the Spider Mite.

With its advanced formula, Mite Rid delivers unparalleled performance, targeting mites at their source while being gentle on your plants. Its concentrated 45ml solution packs a powerful punch, capable of treating large hydroponic systems with ease.

Mite-Rid is a fully bio-degradable miticide, is not toxic to animals, and under normal use will not affect the plant’s metabolism and is highly effective against two-spotted and red mites.

Don’t let mites compromise your hydroponic garden. Trust Mite Rid 45ml for superior mite control and unparalleled plant protection.

o Volume: 45ml
o Active Ingredients: Proprietary blend formulated for mite eradication
o Application: Easy-to-use dropper bottle for precise dosage
o Compatibility: Suitable for use with all hydroponic systems
o Residue-Free: Leaves no harmful residues
o Fast-Acting: Targets mites upon contact, providing rapid relief
o Long-Lasting: Continues to safeguard your hydroponic system

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