Medigrow GROW 5L



  • 1 Part high concentrate growth additive
  • Use your Base Nutrient with just 1 Additive
  • Enhance growth faster and more simply


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Medigrow GROW is a highly concentrated all-in-one growth additive and is designed to be used in conjunction with your favourite base nutrient set, eliminating the need for multiple supplementary additives and stimulants.

Medigrow GROW

= All You Need – Too Easy!

No more additives required – Full Stop

Medigrow GROW is derived from A-grade compounds, including nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, humic acid, fulvic acid, and amino acids so this is the only additive you need to support you through your Grow Cycle.

Specifically designed to prevent and reduce the risk of deficiencies during the growth phase, it will naturally build a better defence system towards harmful diseases and deter pests from the roots zone resulting with a healthier, stronger and more vigorous plant.

Apply Medigrow GROW from the first week of growth cycles as per directions once the plant established roots to maximise healthy growth.

o NPK Ratio: 4-3-6
o Contains essential micro and macronutrients for plant nutrition
o pH balanced for optimal nutrient uptake
o Suitable for use in all hydroponics including DWC, NFT, and drip systems
o Compatible with a wide range of soil types
o For Indoor and Outdoor Use

Medibud and Medigrow began when we decided we wanted something that was different and a simpler way to give our plants everything they needed without cluttering up our space with many different bottles of additives.

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