H&G Hydro A+B Set 1L


  • Formulated specifically for run-to-waste hydroponic systems
  • Use in rock wool, flock, perlite, clay, gravels, vermiculite
  • Two-part base nutrient solution


House & Garden Hydro A+B Set is a two-part base nutrient solution that uses unique formulations specifically for run-to-waste hydroponic systems. This meticulously crafted two-part formula allows for rapid nutrient uptake as efficiently as possible.

House & Garden Hydro A+B Set has been designed to provide complete fertigation for both vegetative and flowering (generative) growth. Ideal for run-to-waste systems in rockwool, flock, perlite, clay, growstone, gravels, vermiculite or volcanic stone.

Hydro A+B Set is engineered to balance optimised pH levels rapidly, distributing the complete range of required nutrient in beautifully soluble forms using unique chelating agents, and resulting in more effective nutrient uptake and faster, healthier plant growth.

House & Garden Hydro A+B Set is the cleanest and most concentrated base nutrient available and always make sure to test your EC when using our super concentrated formulas, so you can use less for more success!

o Two-part base nutrient solution
o Unique formulations specifically for run-to-waste hydroponic systems
o Complete fertigation for both vegetative and flowering (generative) growth

When preparing your nutrient container, fill it two thirds with water. First add part A of the nutrient and circulate well before adding part B of the nutrient.
Adjust the pH value to harmonise with the nutrient solution. Do not add A&B at the same time, as this will trigger a chemical reaction in the nutrient, resulting in solidification of some parts of the nutrient and causing incomplete nourishment for your plants.
*All A/B Bottles are sold as a pair, e.g. 5L = 5L of ‘A’ and 5L of ‘B’

For best results, follow our custom H&G Feed Charts available online or at your local retailer.

House & Garden Nutrients was Founded in 1990 by Willem Van De Zwaan is now used in more than 30 countries by licensed medical facilities, universities, commercial farmers and home gardeners and is a cup-winning, craft batch quality nutrient that is manufactured in a zero-waste production facility in Humboldt County, California, and distributed worldwide.

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