• Increase the size and robustness of the flowers
  • Acts like a superhighway for nutrients and plant sugars
  • Use Bud-XL from week 4 of the flowering period


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House and Garden BUD XL is a carefully balanced blend of organic and mineral ingredients that provides essential nutrients and bio-stimulants precisely tailored to the flowering stage of your plants’ growth cycle.

H&G BUD XL has a unique ability to extract sugars from the leaves of the plant and transfer them to the fruit so that the fruit is made sweeter and its taste is improved. This specialised formula encourages robust bud formation and will also increase the size of the flowers, resulting in an increase in fruit and resin production.

House and Garden BUD-XL uses enzymes’ processes to extract sugars from the large bracts for storage in the fruits or flowers of the plant so that the flowers will become larger and improve in colour and quality. Some users may see a natural fading, purpling or yellowing of the leaves and stems of their plants, as sugars are drawn away from the stems and leaves and directed to the flowers. This is referred to as ‘Autumn Colours’.

Bud XL acts like a superhighway for nutrients and plant sugars, transporting them to where they are needed and is perfect for hydroponic or soil production, in any substrate or system design!

o Robust bud formation and increase in fruit and resin production
o Essential nutrients and bio-stimulants tailored to the flowering stage
o Natural fading, purpling or yellowing of the leaves and stems
o Designed for use in soil, hydroponics, aeroponics and coco

Use Bud-XL in the middle of the flowering period (from week 4).
Start adding Bud-XL to the nutrient after the first flowers are formed.
Prepare your nutrient container by first adding your base nutrient (e.g Cocos, Hydro, Aqua Flakes or Soil) to the water container. Add H&G additives including Bud XL. Adjust pH and EC as necessary.

For best results, follow our custom H&G Feed Charts available online or at your local retailer.

House & Garden Nutrients was Founded in 1990 by Willem Van De Zwaan is now used in more than 30 countries by licensed medical facilities, universities, commercial farmers and home gardeners and is a cup-winning, craft batch quality nutrient that is manufactured in a zero-waste production facility in Humboldt County, California, and distributed worldwide.

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