Grow Genius 40% Mono-Silicic Acid



  • Strengthens natural growth and defences
  • Increases resistance to fungal pathogens and pests
  • Has powerful effects at very small dosages

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Grow Genius is an ultra-fast acting 40% monosilicic acid silicon nutrient that strengthens natural growth and is suitable for all plants in all settings, and compatible with mycorrhizae and bacteria friendly growing techniques.

Grow Genius 40% Mono-Silicic Acid is so concentrated, the net addition of product to the grow medium is tiny: just 0.03ml/L in solution. This is the benefit of treating trace elements as they should be: like vitamins, not food.

Grow Genius also strengthens defences for bigger, healthier plants with increased resistance to:
o Powdery mildew
o Botrytis
o Black spot and other fungal pathogens
o Thrips, mites, aphids and other biting and piercing pests
o Toxicity from heavy metals and other undesirable elements in soil

Grow Genius is not harmful to most beneficial microorganisms will also assist in prevention of heat stress, water stress, wind burn and damage from pruning.
Mono-silicic acid (also known as ortho-silicic and silicic acid) has powerful effects at very small dosages meaning less input all round, and better outcomes for your plants.

Close the container securely immediately after use: ethanol evaporates quickly.
Do not allow any water or dirt into the container: GG mono will re-polymerise on contact.
Use a pipette or other appropriate measuring equipment to measure out the required dosage (pipette included with the 10ml size).
Contains ethanols and silicon: safe for plants when used as directed, but not for direct contact with humans.
Do not ingest, breathe or allow contact with eyes/skin.
Always avoid breathing mist from spraying this or any garden product
Always wear an appropriately rated mask, eye and hand protection when working with garden chemicals.
See product packaging and the MSDS for detailed handling and safety information.

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