Grow Fast Organic 5L



  • Approved certified organic vegetative growth booster
  • Added Nitrogen for faster plant growth
  • Stronger and bulkier plant mass


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Professor’s Grow Fast Organic Nutrient is a meticulously formulated premium organic nutrient blend that is designed to enhance plant growth, improve flowering, and maximise yields, all while maintaining the integrity of your soil’s ecosystem.

Grow Fast Organic is a 100% premium organic concentrated nutrient blend that provides your plants with everything they need for optimal growth and development including nitrogen for leafy green growth and phosphorus for strong root development.

Grow Fast has been carefully formulated using different variations of nitrogen which are easily absorbed by plant roots for faster response. It gives the extra boost required to produce a stronger and bulkier plant mass, while simultaneously strengthening and preparing plants for the flowering stage.

What sets Professor’s Grow Fast Organic Nutrient apart, is its organic composition, free from synthetic additives and harmful chemicals, promoting healthier plants and safer cultivation practices.

o Shorten vegetative cycle
o Faster plant growth
o Stronger and bulkier plant mass
o Preparing plants for the flowering stage
o High quality, Australian made nutrients

Hydroponics: Use 2.5ml Grow Fast per 1L of nutrient solution.
Soil: Use 2ml Grow Fast per 1L of nutrient solution.

Grow Fast should only be used from the 2nd week in the vegetative stage until the start of Flower.
Do not use in the Flower Stage.

Professor’s Nutrients are a leading manufacturer of Australian made nutrients and the premium nutrient range has been created with three main goals in mind:
Professor’s Nutrients:
1- Guarantee powerful results
2- Are of utmost premium quality
3- Are simple and straight forward to use

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