Grotek Growth Booster 20g



  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Strong Root & Shoot Growth
  • Begin use when new growth is just starting


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Growth Booster is a is a water-soluble powder formulated to encourage early and vigorous growth and is designed for use in the first and second weeks of the vegetative growth cycle when the crop transitions from seedling into the phase of rapid vegetative growth.

Grotek Growth Booster has a high nitrogen and phosphorus blend for super-fast vegetative growth and ensures a strong crop with improved leaf, shoot, and root development. Simply mix Growth Booster with water according to the specified ratios – Only 1 gram per 10 Litres of water!

Growth Booster leads in its versatility and ease of use – suitable for use in soil, hydroponic and coco coir setups, is ideal for vegetables, ornamentals and medicinal plant production and simplifies the feeding process while delivering exceptional results.

Whether you’re cultivating fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers, Grotek Growth Booster provides the nutrition your plants need to thrive so achieving impressive yields has never been easier.

o Clear and easy-to-follow feed specifications
o Use in the first and second weeks of the vegetative growth cycle
o Formulated to encourage early and vigorous growth
o Is a water-soluble powder nutrient

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